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Range Rover Part Numbers


We have started a list of Range Rover part numbers which you may find useful. If you require any of these parts please contact us as we will normally have them in stock.

ABS accumulator RTC6498
ABS pressure reducing valve NTC9753
ABS Pressure reducing valve NTC9753
ABS sensor front 2 4587907242
ABS sensor rear STC 1866 4410327700
Air filter box NTC4408
Air suspension bag front NTC9819
Air suspension bag rear NTC9820
Air suspension level sensor front ANR1853
Air suspension level sensor rear NTC9845
Air suspension valve block NTC9811
Aircon dash evaporator coil RTC6138
Aircon delivery fans BTR5322
Aircon receiver/dryer BTR3717
Airflow meter 5AM ESR1057
Alarm LED AMR1836
Alarm sensor ultrasonic YWC102510
Alternator YLE10100
Amplifier am/fm radio PRC9035
Amplifier quad channel PRC8738
Anti Roll bar front NTC6836
Anti Roll bar rear NRC6221
Ashtray front MUC8987
Ashtray rear MXC6930
Auto Gear selector box illuminated RTC6683
Auto gear selector box and stick FTC3703
Auto Gear selector panel bezel BTR1955
Axle front complete FTC3122
Axle rear complete FTC3126
Axle shaft front LH FTC3271
Axle shaft front RH FTC3186
Bonnet release cable MWC2287
Bottom Link pair NTC8328
Bumper corner front left NTC2941
Bumper corner front right NTC2942
Bumper corner rear left NTC5233
Bumper corner rear right NTC5232
CD multiplayer lead AMR2062
Central locking actuator front doors 5 wire PRC8098
Central locking actuator fuel filler PRC9681
Central locking actuator rear doors 2 wire PRC8099
Central locking actuator tailgate PRC3916
Centre console carcass (undrilled) BTR8807RUN
Cigar lighter PRC9410
Climate control panel (aircon) MXC5551
Clock centre dash PRC4370
Coolant level switch PRC7925
Coolant pipes top ERR4635
Courtesy light front o/h panel BTR1214LUM
Courtesy light rear PRC7198LUM
Crossovers pair AMR2120
Cruise control bellows ETC7150
Cruise control bellows bracket ETC7870
Cruise control rotary coupler PRC8746
Cruise control vac control unit PRC6260
Cubby box cup holders STC8162
Cubby box insert BTR1018PMA
Cubby box lid recessed RTC8091RUN
Cubby box lid standard MUC9897RUN
Dash lights dimmer control unit AMR3024
Dash tray centre MTC5520
Dim dip transformer PRC8123
Distributor 35DLM8 ERR4113
Dog guard RTC8093
Door pulls 4 (update in 4s)2 MXC1306
ECU ABS + TT from KA624756 NTC8474
ECU Air con sensor module STC1799
ECU Air suspension from KA640178 AMR3234
ECU Air suspension to KA640177 AMR2289
ECU Central door locking CDL PRC7921
ECU cruise control AMR2524
ECU engine from KA632715 to LA647644 AMR2944
ECU engine from MA647645 AMR3243
ECU engine up to KA632715 AMR1424
ECU Remote central locking/alarm AMR2106
ECU Seats PRC9864
ECU sunroof MXC9575
ECU windows PRC9949
Fuse box cover MUC9218
Gas struts MXC7833
Gear knob auto FRC9357
Gear knob Hi Lo FTC3200
Gear selector box FTC2703
Half shaft Front LH FTC863
Half shaft Front RH FTC862
Handbrake & Gaiter ANR2468RUN
Handbrake cable STC1528
Harmonic damper RTC6825
Harness air suspension AMR2280
Harness Engine AMR3526
Harness gearbox AMR1595
Harness Main Body AMR3526
Harness speakers audio x3 AMR2319
Headlamp surround black or chrome pair PRC7792
Headlamp wipac quadoptic 2 PRC8941
Heater matrix assembly complete BTR4224
Heating control valve BTR4022
Horn alarm (Klaxon) AMR1415
Horns electric pair YEB10026 / 7
Hub front 571761
Ignition coil PRC6574
Ignition lead set RTC6551
Ignition switch/steering lock with key PRC6907
Indicator side repeater AFU3341L
Indicator Sidelight lens front left PRC8950
Indicator Sidelight lens front right PRC8949
Induction hose & 2 clips ESR1611L
Inlet Manifold with trumpets ERR1290
Jack & 2 handles NTC8166
Jack kit moulding ANR1886
Jacking wheel brace NTC7829
Jacking wheel chocks NTC7575
Lense cluster rear left RTC5990
Lense cluster rear right RTC5989
Lense side Rear LH RTC5295
Lense side Rear RH RTC5294
lights rear left PRC8953
lights rear right PRC8952
Mirror rear view auto dim BTR5021
Mirror rear view auto dim with link lead BTR3464
Mirror wing left hand electric BTR4818
Mirror wing right hand electric BTR4817
Motor starter RTC6061N
Motor sunroof & drive gear MXC9574
Motor window lift Front Left 187933000 RTC6640
Motor window lift Front Right 187934000 RTC6641
Motor window lift Rear Left 187936000 RTC6642
Motor window lift Rear Right 187935000 RTC6643
Motor wiper front STC495
Motor wiper rear AMR1024
Oil cooler ESR1703
Panhard Rod NRC9729
Petrol cap NTC5418
Plenum chamber cover ERR3401
Power steering box 4 bolt (BE2841102) STC887
Power steering reservoir with bracket ANR1988
Prop shaft front FRC9542
Prop shaft rear FRC8389
Puddle light red PRC8077
Puddle light white PRC8076
Pulley air con tension ETC6159
Pump ABS STC1181
Pump Air con BTR1301
Pump air suspension ANR1847
Pump fuel PRC9409
Pump headlamp washer AFU4146
Pump Power steering ANR2003
Pump Water STC1693
Radiator Fan ETC1275
Radiator fan 11 blade ETC1275
Radiator grille with badge BTR451
Radiator hose bottom NTC7297
Radiator hose top ESR1052
Radio combi head PRC8920
Radius Arm pair NTC9830
Ram pipes set complete ERC9110
Relay air suspension delay AMR1111
Relay aircon diode pack PRC7872
Relay Aluminium Bosch EFi AFU2913
Relay courtesy delay timer PRC9948
Relay fan Timer PRC7413
Relay front wiper AMR2341
Relay front wiper PRC6864
Relay headlamp wash timer 005052-00
Relay heated front screen timer PRC6796
Relay Hella black PRC9603
Relay Hella black heavy duty PRC7303
Relay hella blue PRC8531
Relay hella brown AMR1088
Relay Hella lights on 3SB00443802
Relay indicator flasher PRC8876
Relay rear wiper delay PRC9957
Relay siemens green YWB10027
Relay siemens yellow YWB10032
Relay speed buffer PRC8882
Relay speed trip PRC9666
Seat belt front BTR5437RUN
Seat belt front female (2 for set) BTR0143RUN
Seat belt rear buckle BTR0479RUN
Seat belt rear lap BTR0512RUN
Seat belt rear left BTR5885RUN
Seat belt rear right BTR5884RUN
Side repeater lens AFU3341L
Solenoid filler flap PRC9681
Speaker front lower AMR2119
Speakers front upper pair PRC9345RUN
Speakers rear pair PRC9143LNF
Speed transducer AMR3386
Speed transducer cable PRC7949
Speedo pod complete RTC6957
Steering column stalk centre PRC5438
Steering damper STC786
Steering shaft lower NTC8478
Steering Wheel NTC9946LNF
Stepper Motor ETC6660
Sub Woofer AMR2001
Sunroof manual wind key MXC9502
Switch - drivers seat RHS complete PRC7154
Switch - passenger seat LHS complete PRC8096
Switch / thermostat air temp PRC6895
Switch air suspension lock AMR3291
Switch air suspension lower AMR3292
Switch air suspension pressure NTC9826
Switch air suspension raise AMR3290
Switch auxiliary lamps ATU1027L
Switch binnacle blank (LHS only) BTR3484RUN
Switch bonnet alarm AMR2022
Switch brake lamp AMR2010
Switch column stalk indicators PRC5072
Switch column stalk wipers PRC8724
Switch courtesy light ATU1020L
Switch fuel flap release PRC7130
Switch head & sidelights PRC5425
Switch heated rear window ATU1021L
Switch heated seat 2 PRC8539
Switch heated windscreen PRC6797
Switch heater switch PRC5436
Switch inertia DBC2022L
Switch master cruise control ATU1023L
Switch mirror adjustment PRC5751
Switch rear fog lamps ATU1022L
Switch rear wash wiper PRC9956
Switch rear widow lock PRC4754
Switch steering column Indicator stalk left PRC5072
Switch steering column Washer stalk right PRC8724
Switch vacumn vent brake PRC6259
Throttle cable NTC7366
Throttle potentiometer ETC8495
Torque Convertor FRC5891
Trim A pillar cover left BTR5285
Trim A pillar cover right BTR5286
Trim inner door lock bobble JRC1775RUN
Trim inner door lock bobble bracket BRC8965PMA
Trim inner handle surrounds left DBP6533
Trim inner handle surrounds right DBP6532
Trim inner lock bobble surrounds MXC4738RUN
Viscous drive fan coupling ERC2849
Washer bottle complete AMR3252
Washer jet Headlamp PRC4615
Washer jets headlamp T piece valve DCP6656
Washer Jets windscreen heated AMR2400
Window lift mechanism front pair RTC3814/5
Window lift mechanism rear pair STC944/5
Windscreen Sundym Heated MXC5648
Windscreen Wiper Mech (RHD only) STC1304